Monday, January 09, 2017

Work Trip (AFF) - OR and ID - Wildfire fuels reduction project - September 2014

Most are familiar with the summer wildfires that occur out west. One of the reasons they can become catastrophic is due to all the underbrush found in the forests. If they were managed and harvested more periodically the fires, if and when they do start, would be easier to control. The American Forest Foundation works with rural woodland owners out west on a behavior and social change project to do "wildfire fuels reduction" (essentially help owners cut and manage their trees to prevent fires). You can read more about AFF's project here.

I was invited to a partner meeting in OR to talk about our targeted messaging, tracking database and social marketing strategies. The meeting was held in LeGrande, OR but the town next door, Island City, OR, had this great tank.

We did a couple of tree farm tours with local woodland owners. One of our day trips took us through North Powder, OR. The eastern part of OR and western ID are beautiful. I had never been but I saw literal tumbleweed for the first time. 

You know I hate pictures from the car window but on the way back to the airport in Boise, ID I grabbed this from Nampa, ID.

And here is a sad one from Boise, ID somewhere.

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